If there's one thing we're sure of, it's the importance of sticking together in times of need. This is a time more than ever, to remain calm, compassionate and most importantly, healthy. The Augusta Food Bank is continuing to stay up to date with current recommendations from Federal, State and Local Officials and we remain active in our measures to ensure that the families within our community are receiving adequate nutrition during this pandemic.

Anyone in need should refer to the information below to find out how we or a nearby resource can help with food needs.


things to know

Food is Being Served Monday - Wednesday

If you are in need of food and live in Augusta or Manchester, you are eligible to receive our services during this outbreak.

 To sign up for our services, you must call our appointment line 

 at (207) 213-2233 Monday - Wednesday

 between 9:30am - 11:30am. 

We will tell you exactly what time to show up for your appointment. Please make every effort to show up at that time, as we are trying to make these interactions as quick as possible for the safety of everyone involved.

When you arrive, we will quickly verify who you are and where you live so please have current proof of residency (mail) and a photo ID ready to provide. We will bring a pre-packed box of food outside to you. For the time being, we are assisting families outside in the parking lot to limit the amount of people inside the building.

KidPaks are Being Served Every Thursday

While the Augusta School Department is closed and the School Nutrition Program is handing out bagged meals (Breakfast & Lunch) at various locations all throughout the week, we are providing a weekend KidPak to children 18 and under. We are providing KidPaks to those that reside in Augusta or Manchester and will be verifying proof of residency as well as the number of children in your home.


 You do not have to be a Client to take home a KidPak. 

 We are serving KidPaks every Thursday between 9am - 12pm. 

 No Appointment is needed to pick up KidPaks.  

For Your Peace of Mind

We are making every effort to enhance our sanitation procedures and limit the spread of germs. From keeping the headcount to 10 people or less inside the building at all times, to diligently sanitizing all surface areas. Staff and Volunteers are practicing frequent hand washing throughout their shift and we strongly encourage anyone receiving food from us to wash their food when they unpack it at home.

Still Need Help?

If you live outside of Augusta and Manchester and need assistance with food, we're happy to point you in the right direction. Give our Office Line a call at

(207) 622-5225. We can help you find the resources you need.

You are not alone, we'll make sure of that.


Please allow social distancing when picking up food and of course, if you are experiencing any of the symptoms (coughing, fever, etc.) please stay home.

*If you have any more questions, feel free to call our Office at 622-5225.