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The Augusta Food Bank, a Partner Agency of United Way of Kennebec Valley, is managed by a Board of Directors made up entirely of volunteers and representatives from the community and participating congregations. The Food Bank was established in 1981 to provide a supplemental source of food to individuals and families in need. We now serve an average of 350 households onsite. Clients are welcome to receive our services once a month and are provided about a weeks worth of food, based on family size. Through our Food Share program, we're able to reach an additional 1,000 people at various locations.

We also partner with Good Shepherd Food Bank to provide food to the needy. This partnership allows us to receive donations from our local supermarkets like Hannaford, Sam's Club, Walmart, even Target. We receive a variety of foods from these donations like Meats, Eggs, Dairy Products, Bread and more. Some foods are purchased locally as necessary. Mainly our non perishable items that we've committed to have on hand year round.

Bob Moore

Executive Director


Melissa Shea

Volunteer and Program Coordinator

Al Cloutier

Warehouse Manager


Each month more than 100 people donate their time to ensure this vital service is maintained. We have a tight knit group of people that are dedicated to AFB and believe in what we do for the community. We could not do all that we do without the help of each of them.

We Thank You ALL!

Board of directors

Heather Dubord


Nancy Merrick

Vice President

Rebecca Lamey


Ben Thompson


Connie Packard

Assistant Treasurer

George Diplock

Eric Lind

LeAnna Lavoie

Annette Peabody

Bethany Drouin

Nan Salvino

Maeghan Maloney

Priscille Michaud

Steven Graham

Lynn Ouellette

Dillon Pesce

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