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People Who Make

All The Difference.

We are fortunate to be amidst one of the most caring and committed communities of Kennebec Valley. Here are a few of the people and organizations that help support the mission.

Troop 622 A.JPG

Dry Goods Sorting


Connected Credit Union


47 Daisy's.JPG

47 Daisey's

AFB Volunteer


Richard Coleman


Common Wealth Chicken 1.jpg

Common Wealth

AFB Volunteers
#TYT Deb and Laurette_edited.jpg

Deb Sewall & Laurette Sampson

Dead River Photo.JPG

Dead River Company

Home Delivery Packing


Air Force Recruitment


Be The Change BBQ 1 (3).jpg

Be The Change BBQ

Family Food Drive

Vines & Branches Home

School Food Co-Op

AFB Volunteer
#TYT Bob Thing.jpg

Bob Thing

PB&J Food Drive

Bangor Savings Senator Way Branch.jpg

Bangor Savings Bank

Senator Way Branch

AFB Volunteers
#TYT Janet, Katrina, Eleanor (2).jpg

Katrina, Eleanor & Janet

PB&J Food Drive
Bangor Savings Civic Center Branch.jpg

Bangor Savings Bank

Civic Center Branch

AFB Volunteers
IMG_2156 (2).JPG

Janet Sawyer &

Susan Williams

AFB Volunteer

Dan Wathen 2 (2).jpg

Dan Wathen

Day of Caring
Cony Day of Caring 2019.jpg

Cony High School

AFB Volunteers
DSCF0004 (2).JPG

Good Shepherd

Food Mobile

AFB Volunteer
IMG_3779 (2).JPG

Connie Packard

Food Drive

GEvolution Fitsness Food Drive 2 (2).jpg


AFB Volunteers
Patty & Jeanne 1.jpg

Jeanne Rocque &

Patty Rollins

AFB Volunteer
Pam O'Conner.jpg

Pam O'Conner

UMA Community Garden
UMA Garden James Cook (2).JPG

James Cook

Feed a Neighbor

CCI Adopt a Home Delivery Box.jpg

Consolidated Communications

Food Drive
Realator Food Drive.jpg

Tim Fortin &

The Board of Realtors

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