Services We're

Proud Of.

We are passionate about the Programs and Services offered at AFB. We strive to cultivate new ideas on how we can best meet the needs of the people we serve. Currently, our focus is on children, home bound seniors, people with transportation issues and homelessness and we are always churning on other ways we can help.

We run several programs here at AFB and are able to do so through donations from Community Members, Local Businesses, and Grants. We are always looking for new ways to expand the services we offer and reach more people that may benefit from our help.

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Kids Packs


Our Kid's Packs ensure that during School Vacations and Summer Break, the children of Augusta and Manchester are still getting fed. We provide a Kid's Pack to every school aged child all Summer long and every time school is closed for the week.

Each Kid's Pack includes Cereal, Milk, Yogurt, Juice Boxes, Granola Bars, Raisins, Mac & Cheese, Crackers, Canned Fruit, Fresh Fruit, Cheese Sticks, Chicken Nuggets and other easy to prepare kid-friendly items.

To receive an AFB Kid's Pack, you must be an eligible client of the Food Bank. Each Intake Volunteer can see if you have school aged children in the home and will let the baggers know to provide you with Kid's Packs for your children on the weeks we are handing them out.

Cony Program

School Bus & Children

Currently 57% of students enrolled at the Augusta School District qualify for the free/reduced lunch program.


For some of these students, the meals they eat at school are their main source of nutrition.     

With support from the Gorman Foundation, we began a Weekend Backpack program in September 2014. These days, we fund the program solely through donations made to the Food Bank.


Bags are distributed each week to over 100 Students k-12 within the Augusta School District. This is a true collaboration between the Augusta Food Bank and the Augusta School Department with many hands involved to ensure no child goes hungry over the weekend.

Augusta Children's Center

In the Spring of 2019 we were approached by the Children's Center asking if there was any way we could help them with families that attend their facility and struggle with food insecurity. We had many discussions and finally decided to fund their weekend backpack program. They serve an average of 30 kid's each month. On top of their Weekend Backpack Program, we've provided them with food that can be used for Emergency Boxes. This way, no one has to go home hungry and as an agreement, they are always referred to us once receiving an Emergency Box.

Home Delivery Program

Once a month we deliver food to folks that struggle to get out of their home due to medical conditions or physical limitations. We serve an average of 30 Home Bound Individuals each month. This program takes 6 volunteer packers and 5 volunteer drivers to run.


To be eligible for Home Delivery, one must have a medical or physical condition that inhibits them from picking up their food at the food bank. If they can send in a Doctor’s note explaining the nature of their limitations, and if they have no outside resource (family, friends, case worker) that can pick up food on their behalf, then they qualify to enroll in the program.

Food Share Program

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When we have extra, we share it. We receive a variety of donated food like produce, frozen meats and dairy products to name a few. Once we establish extras, we offer them to various organizations within the community. This outreach program has given us the opportunity to feed over 1,000 extra people a month. Some of the establishments include the LINC Center, Capital Clubhouse, the Augusta Boys & Girls Club, Teen Challenge, Roncalli Apartments, Chateau Cushnoc, the Margaret Chase Smith House, Kennebec Plaza, Cabin in the Woods, surrounding Food Pantries, and many of the Community Dinners hosted by local Churches and Congregations. This is something we’re proud of and we strongly believe that we’re helping to further aid the problem of food insecurity through this outreach program.

Volunteer Program


We offer volunteerism to 4 different Day Programs that support Adults with Intellectual Disabilities. They include the Goodwill Lifeworks Program, Gallant Therapy, Families Matter and Creative Works. Each week, these groups volunteer in the morning and break down bulk items for us like sugar, flour, rice, eggs, coffee and more. Volunteer opportunities like this provide job skills, confidence, social interaction, independence and more.